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    package fails checksum but caching is enabled

    Steven Scarborough

      We frequently get the error when deploy patches, the following is an example -


      Error Downloading Packages:

        yast2-backup - 2.13.6-0.2.2.noarch: package fails checksum but caching is enabled for repo-SLES10SP2x86_64-Updates


      It's usually just a couple of rpm's that fail. If I remove the offending rpm(s) from the Depot and rerun the analysis and deploy the job will complete. Is there a way to keep the Depot in sync with the repositories? I have take the following steps to attempt to fix the problem.


      - Yummify all repos after downloading updates and just before patching

      - Delete all RPM's from the patch depot



      BladeLogic 7.6.281 running on SuSE 10.3

      VPC 7.6.4017

      Platform being patched SLES 10