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      Hi, our client recently did an upgrade on a BL 7.6 to 8.0 + patch 6


      this is on Win 2003 x86 R2


      after teh upgrade to 8.0, theyre seeing OutofMemory errors, roughly once every week. Their heap size is set to default, 512M and they have 3.4 Gb pagefile. 



      the process log is showing this,



      java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: requested 2621440 bytes for GrET in C:\BUILD_AREA\jdk6_13\hotspot\src\share\vm\utilities\growableArray.cpp. Out of swap space?


      An unexpected error has been detectedby JRE


      Internal Error (allocation.inlin.hpp.42), pid=11976, tid=7812

      Error: GrET in C:\BUILD_AREA\jdk6_13\hotspot\src\share\vm\utilities\growableArray.cpp



           def new generation     total 30,080K     used 28,093K

           eden space 26,752K     99% used

           from space 3,328K     45% used

           to space 3,328K     16% used

      tenured generation     total 397,148K     used 394,966K

           the space 397,148K     99% used

      compacting perm gen     total 50,176K     used 49,994K

           the space     50176K     99% used

      no shared spaces configured


      THe Application server is set with followign JVM settings;


      Java version 1.6.0_13

      #JVM processors 2

      JRE data Model  32bit

      Max JVM Mem. 1,059,258,368

      Total JVM mem. 409,001,984

      Free JVM mem, 147,014,552

      Used JVM mem 261,987,432



      we were told that we should extend the default heap size from 512M to 1024M (jvm.arg=-Xmx1024M), but I dont see how this will help, the From and To space is not fully used during runtime. I'm not too clear on how JVM allocates memory and where the Garbage Collector clears memory. I looked at patch 7 and 8 for BL 8.0, but theres no mention of any fixes for possible memory leaks.