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    Obtaining dhcp IP address and creating temporary server object

      Hi all,


      Our Provisioning network is a closed network, for security reasons.

      I am trying to figure out how to provision a server on this closed network and then apply a batch job.

      Its the applying a batch job that is posing the challenge.


      The idea is provision server with a dhcp address, agent gets installed and server object gets created (all normal right).

      However, as the server name doesn't match up with its final (Production) IP address, the server object fails to connect.

      I have all the necessary jobs to delete the original server object and create a new one  (the final step of my batch job).


      My problem is how do I get the initial server object to connect correctly so I can actually deploy the Batch job?

      My initial object fails with the below message.


      I know this is because the server fails to resolve the name to the DHCP IP address. 

      Is there any way I can get around this? Without going and creating massive amounts of DNS entries for every /24 build network we have?


      Perhaps I can create a new server object? Has anyone else done this?