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    Change Auto close

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      I would like some clarification on Auto close in Change Managment.

      If auto close is set to yes and I have picked a number of days, what happens?


      Are changes closed even if they have a status "Final Review Required"?


      What, if any impact, would approvals have on "Auto close"?


      Thanks for any responses,

      Sydney Dent

      Effective Technologies

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          Hi, this is out of the BMC Change Management User Guide 7.6


          In the Closed stage of the change request’s lifecycle, the change manager reviews all the implemented changes to make sure that each objective was met. A request cannot be closed until all tasks are closed. When all the tasks related to a request are closed due to success, cancellation, or failure, the requester and the change

          manager are notified that the change is resolved. In this final stage, the process of closing the change request varies based on whether the request requires Close Down approval or not.!


          If no approval is required, the requester can set the request to Closed after confirming that the request was resolved to his or her satisfaction. If the requester does not close the change request within the allowed response time of it being resolved, the request is closed automatically after a specified period of

          time. The Status Reason for the request indicates that the request was automatically closed.

          The allowed response time depends on how the application administrator configured the BMC Remedy Change Management application. The default is 10 days. If the requester is not satisfied with the change request, the requester can reopen it. The change manager is notified that the request is reopened, and

          must respond.


          If the request requires Close Down approval, the change request is automatically set to Closed with a Status Reason of Successful after the approvers approve it.


          After IT and the business unit (BU) have completed the review, no further

          activities are performed on this request.



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            I would like to focus on the area around Close Down approval. I have set up Close Down approvals and have seen the behavior you are mentioning.


            Could you clarify?

            If I have a Close Down approval set up, does autoclose still have an effect? Will the change be closed 10 days later even if my close down approvers have not signed off?


            Thanks for the info above,


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              No,In the case if Close Down Approval configured the CRQ will remain in the Status "completed" with the status reason "Final Review Required" . Auto close will not have any effect on the CRQ status.


              And If the status reason is set to "Final Review complete" (Close Down Approval configured and Approved by the respective person), then the CRQ will be in Status=Closed with status reason=Automatically closed.



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                That seems consistent with what I am seeing on my server. Thank you!

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                  Is auto closure something that the Remedy Admin has to set up, b/c at my company there are numerous changes dated as far back as July 2011 in a "Completed/ Final Review Completed" status and they are not "Closed"? We are using version 7.6.


                  When Closing a change request, additional fields seem to be required, such as "Successful, Successful but with Issues, etc.” So is the auto closure an option after a change has been completed?

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                    There is a setting in Application Administration Console--> Change Management--> Advanced Options-->Rules that allows you to set "Auto close"  and the number of days. You need "Change Config" permission in ITSM. After the request has moved into "complete", requests older than the set days will be set to "Closed". What Amey describes is what I have seen happen - if your status is "Completed/Final Review Completed", that status will change to closed.