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    Importing & getting "Cannot access source file", path looks wrong

      We have two identical BBSA environments. I am trying to export from one to import into the second. Both environments are identical versions & hosts' OS etc.


      ? Am I seeing a bug - or is my understanding lacking !?


      I have successfully exported one job & package & Imported & run it - but I can't get any others to work (I can't think what may be different about the first one ...) but assume that meant that the BBSA versions really aren't the issue.

      What I get is an error on the last stage of import "No such file or directory;Cannot access source file <>


      The source SEEMS to be wrong in that it is concatenating the path from the export server onto the end of the path:


      This won't mean much specifically but the path is:



      The bit that is wrong (In bold), as if it is still trying to access the server exported from is from "files" onwards... (The IP address being the one for the server exported from.)


      I have confirmed my thoughts - I have manually created the path BBSA seems to be expecting and copied all the files there ...

      & it seems to import OK

      (Depot package imports & seems to be OK, but I haven't run a job to be sure...)


      I can't work it out.  Is this a bug anyone has seen?

      If so - why did I not see it in the first one of my export > imports !


      - I have tried exporting just the package - not the job & package and various combinations of "Convert BLPackage soft links" to no avail.


      I would think there was a setting or fundamental issue with my understanding - if it weren't for the fact that one export > Import works !!


      Looking for any ideas

      : - ~