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    How can I create complex blcli commands?

    Yanick Girouard

      I have looked at the existing xml files for complex blcli commands and I think I got a good grasp of the syntax and the logic of structure (the *-Additional.xml files located in /br/xml/cli).


      However, since creating complex commands is not officially supported by BMC, there's no documentation available for it (unless I'm wrong?). I know some people here have successfully created their own complex blcli commands in the past, and I was hoping I could get some basic instructions on how to do it.


      For example, if I would like to add a new command to rename an ACL Template, would I have to insert a new <complex_command> section in the existing

      BlAclTemplate-Additional.xml file, or could I create a new file holding all of my custom commands and keep it seperate from the official ones?


      I know that hotfixes and upgrades can otherwise overwrite modified xml files and I would like to avoid this by having my own on the side. Is this possible and if so, how do I proceed exactly?