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    Existing server reference in database

      Hi all, the customer is getting ready to upgrade their 7.2 environment to 8.0. When they originally setup the 7.2 enviornment, their FileServer pointed to server name




      they then ran a DB script to point the FileServer to another location, //serverB/storage


      the problem is when we look at Application Server Details in the Console, you can see reference to serverA and a red X next to it, even though that server has not been used as file server for long time. The customer ran the DB clean up utility to clean up old references but you can still see it show up in the console. They are concerned that this reference will impact the upgrade to 8.0. Is there any danger in having old server reference in DB? anywya to clean it up completely? Thanks.


      environment:  solaris, Oracle 10g

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          Bill Robinson

          You should be able to delete the reference to the old application server in the 'Infrastructure Management' window.


          This is showing up under 'Application Servers' right?

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            hi Bill, the problem is that the BL enviornment is 7.2, the console does not have an option to delete app servers. THey just show up in the window, if you go to Tools > Application Server Details


            We contacted BMC support and were told to do the following,



            Did they remove the Red X servers from the GUI? They can do so and then run the DB cleanup which will remove them from the DB. If that doesn';t work, they can run the query


            select * from application_server


            and see if the Red X server names are in the result. Then they can delete those rows. But, I'd have them remove from GUI/run DB cleanup first.



            We ran this select statement, deleted the 4 rows by seeting these rows to IS_DELETED = 1, ran the cleanup job, but the 4 red Xs are still showing up from the console. (they dont show up anymore if you run the Select statement again, so application_server table does not contain them)


            We restarted APp Server, relogged in, logged in from different terminal, no matter, the 4 disabled app servers keep showing up. The client is worried that this may cause errors for the upcoming upgrade. We are trying to determine whether theres another table that we should delete from, that still contains these 4 rows.

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              Bill Robinson

              this won't cause any errors w/ the upgrade.