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    Import Servers From Text File

    Rob Slattery

      You know how when you license servers, you use a .txt file?  Example:







      Just an example of what I use.


      Well, no matter how many smart groups you have and no matter how you've categorized servers, there's always an instance where 100 servers need to have a registry key updated, or 30 servers need a security update, or 300 servers need to have a file placed on the d:\.  Knowing these cases happen, and knowing you can obviously run through the pages and pages of servers within a smart group, isn't there an easier way to select the list of servers needing an action taken especially if you have a list of servers in a text file or spreadsheet?


      I was thinking you can use the filter and just seperate the server names with a comma but that does not work.


      Any suggestions without having to create some crazy script?