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    Offline Solaris repository filters not grabbing dependencies

      Hi Everyone,


      We are using an offline Solaris repository for patching using BBSA 8.0 SP6. We have the config file set to download 5 specific patches from Oracle. We execute the downloader and it grabs all 5 patches, only one of them has a dependency and the downloader does not download the dependency patch.


      When we do an analysis on the server BBSA recognizes that the patch has a dependecy and includes it in the analysis result-- therefore when we try and create the BLPackage and Deploy job it attempts to add the dependency patch to the package.... only it is not actually in the repository so it cannot add it.


      My question is this.... will the solaris_downloader recognize that a patch, which is included in the patch-id filter, has a dependency and download the dependency patch?


      I hope this is clear, if not please let me know.