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    Bare-metal provisioning error "TFTP Download Failed"

      Hi folks


      Trying to provision Windows 2008 r2 to a bare-metal server (Dell PowerEdge 2950). BL environment is also Windows 2008 running BL 8.0 Sp7 (711).

      DHCP and PXE are installed on the same server as the App Server.


      The bare-metal machine PXE boots up and finds the PXE server, is given an IP address as well. Then I get a "TFTP Download Failed. Press any key to reboot" (see screenshot below)


      I believe I have it configured correctly and all the basis covered.

      -PXE Configuration has been checked - PXE service restarted

      -DHCP scope options (including Option 60) are set and configured.

      -pxestore and tftproot are shared and configured correctly

      -Added the MAC address to the Devices workspace


      Any suggestions/insight into why this may be happening ??


      Thanks in advance !



      mRemote  confCons.xml_2011-03-07_21-43-47.png