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    Snapshot job fails on custom created Configuration Object

    Bernd Scoor



      i created a Grammar File for ar.conf and created a snapshot job to check on the contents, but it gets a java.lang.NULL POINTER EXCEPTION in the Job Event Log.


      Assuming that I did something wrong I changed to something that should work:

      Snapshot job of the same ar.conf file with grammar file passwd.gm   --> and it worked.


      Then, being suspicious, because my grammar file does work, i copied the passwd.gm file -

      changed its name to pwd.gm and imported it back in via blcli ConfigFileGrammar.... and so on.

      I ran the Snapshot job again on the same server with the same ar.conf and basically the same passwd.gm file

      --> Job fails again with a java.lang.NULL POINTER EXCEPTION...



      BL-Version: 8.0.6-622



      Is this a Bug/Known Issue? Anyone able and willing to try on his system?