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    Login error[ARERR [9388] Authentication failed] Remedy 7.0





      Once i open this link it asks for Authentication value apart from Username and password. Can some one pplease let me know what value it should have as this fields was not part of remedy 6.3.

      With the same configuration and username/password  when i run with Remedy 7.5 it works perfectly(i guess 7.5 does not mandate Authentication value to be provided)


      but without authentication value 7.0 does not allow to move forward

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          It seems like you are trying to get into midtier configuration page.I think the default password is "arsystem" for the mid tier config page.Please give it a try and post your result.



          Bala Natrayan

          • 2. Login error[ARERR [9388] Authentication failed] Remedy 7.0


            Probelm description:


            I am trying to open below link



            and this link is to open "Edit Ticket" form in my system. I have verified above link and it perfects works when i work with Remdy 7.5.


            When i use the same link in remedy 7.0 it redirects me to another login page as below




            this login page asks for Username,password and "Authentication".

            I only have Username and password but dont know what "Authentication" value to be provided thats why it gives authentication error as i writtten in  issue titile  line.


            However, in case of remedy 7.5 I only provide username and password and it goes ahead without need of "Authentication" value(so i beleive this field is optional as far as remedy 7.5 is concerned).

            But in case of remedy 7.0 it never proceed without "Authentication" value.




            someone please give me an ideas how to find out or reset Authentication value for the remedy 7.0.


            and why this behaviour is different in case of 7.0 vs 7.5 as far as "Authentication" field is concerned.

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              Sorry I thought you were trying to get into Midtier configuration page. Later I realized it by looking at the url.


              you could find more information about setting/removing Authentication field to be used for authentication during login in the BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.5.x : Configuration Guide.


              The Authentication String Alias field on the User form interacts with the Authentication field in the Login dialog box according to the following rules:


              i) If the Authentication Login Name field is present on the User form, the value contained in this field is used for authentication instead of the name entered in the User Name field in the Login dialog box.

              ii) For backwards compatibility, if the Authentication Login Name field is not present on the User form or the value in this field is NULL, the user is authenticated with the information entered in the User Name field in the Login dialog box.


              As per the first point above , You could have a Authentication field in your user form on 7.0 server. Please compare 7.0 and 7.5 user forms.


              These rules apply to all AR System clients, including those accessing an AR System server by using C or Java APIs.



              Bala Natrayan

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                Hi Bala Natrayan,

                I an using same form for both 7.0 and 7.5 .Infact i am using  same tomcat and remedy instalation/environment.

                I am just switching midtier 7.0 and midtier 7.5.

                When using with 7.5 it proceed with username and password(no Authentication value).

                When using with 7.0 provide exactly same username and password again with no Authentication Value(as we have same configuration.environemnt) it gives me [9388] error.

                Is there any way to disable this filed or reset  as far as remedy 7.0 is concerned.


                Just to reiterate login page name is "BMC Remedy  Mid Tier 7.0- Login"

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                  Dirk Anderson

                  It sounds like, when you are trying to login to the second link...which is mid-tier on 7.0...you may have a different password value then what you are using for mid-tier on 7.5.

                  Please validate you can login to the Remedy User Tool in 7.0...then attempt to login to midtier on 7.0 with the same credentials. If the UT works but it fails with those same credentials in your mid-tier then you need to reset the mid-tier password.

                  Reset your mid-tier password by going to Start>Programs?BMC Software>ARSystem>BMC Remedy Mid Tier>Configure Mid Tier on local host.

                  login with default password of "arsystem"

                  Go to AR Server Settings link

                  Select your AR server and click edit

                  Set the admin password to what was used in Remedy User Tool

                  Click Save AR Server


                  Restart the Mid-Tier service...you are using port 8080 so most likely will be a tomcat instance in services list

                  Login to Mid-Tier with new password

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                    Just want to add-- I also had the same error-- what i did is got Server information window--Connection--Change the application password with the password u have given while installing sql server--

                    hope this will work