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    Values on AIF not being submitted

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      We have an AIF set up to allow users to create incidents. We've had an issue with REQ's going down a black hole if users forgot to enter an Impact and Urgency value, so we have now made the form populate these with default values when it loads, along with a other data which allows an INC to be raised.


      So when you create a request, the AIF opens, and it populates with your username, email address etc, and it also populates the Impact box with the value of "4-Minor/Localized" and the Urgency box with "4-Low". These values come from a active link along with the other user details. However if you submit the AIF without re-selecting the Impact and Urgency values, these are not passed through to the Service Request, and consequently an error occurs. If you reselect the Impact and Urgency values, the REQ works fine, and a Incident is raised.


      This seems very odd behavior, as other data on the AIF form is passed correctly, such as the Request Name, Phone, Email etc.


      The form is below:


      AIF User Request.JPG


      Any pointers appreciated.