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    Entuity TFTP server Issue with 8.5 Version

      Hi All,


      We are unable to install TFTP server in our production box (For Entuity),

      • Tried to install TFTP using software which reside under Entuit Home Directory\Install\TFTP.


      • Download Software from Site( OpenTFTP server installer ),Using this we are able to install but in services its not showing any services related to TFTP


      Can you please confirm that can we use Tftpd64_SE-3.51-setup

      Which version of TFTP Server is compatible with Win 2008 or Entuity 8.5 Version on Priority


      Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2008, Enterprise Edition R 2- 64-bit


      Entuity version:8.5


      Thanks in advance,


      Sridurga D.

        • 1. Entuity TFTP server Issue with 8.5 Version
          Laurence Balon

          Below are the instructions for installing the TFTP server that ships with the standard ENM distribution.  If you have problems, please contact BMC Support.


          Rename the binary TFTPServerInstallerv1.61.exe to tftpserver.ini

          Edit tftpserver.ini and uncomment Read/Write/Overwrite (comment is ' )

          Edit tftpserver.ini and set a more suitable home (otherwise it save the files on ENTUITY_HOME/integ/TFTPServer)

          Make sure tftp home directory has write permission

          Run tftpserver -d and using a tftp client try to upload a file

          If everything is ok run tftpserver.exe -i to install it as a service.


          Larry Balon

          System Engineer, Entuity, Inc.