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    PXE Provisioning - Network Interface

      My current Bladelogic Infrastructure is the following:

      One server AS - Windows 2003 SE x64 (BBSA 8.0 SP8)

      One server DB - Windows 2003 SE x64 (SQL 2005 Standard x64)

      One server PXE/TFTP/DHCP/Datastore - Windows 2003 SE x64 (BL Provisioning 8.0 SP8)

      All the servers have two network interfaces: Production & Administration Interfaces)


      When I installed all the components, i configured all the components to work on the production interface. But now I decided that the provisioning of bare metal devices should connect to the admin interface of the Provisionin server (PXE/TFTP/DHCP) to avoid bottlenecks on the production lan. The question is how do I re-configure all the components properly in order to connect to the Admin Interface when provisioning bare metal devices? Firstly, is this viable? Is there a certain order the confiurations should be chaned? What are the configurations needed?


      Examples of some areas where the Production Network Interface was requested during the installation:


      1. Installation of the Provisioning Server (when prompted for the Hostname & IP Address (entered the Production Interface)

      2. Configuration of the DHCP server

          a: IP address ranges (entered valid Production IP address) when defining the Scope Options &

          b: The IP address 211 bl-server Predefined options (entered the Production Interface) &

          c: netsh DHCP server "entered the Production Interface"

      3. Configuration of the instance of the datastore in the properties dictionary. (DataStore\Pxe Datastore\ Property "LOCATION" Value "entered the Production Interface")


      My current confusion:

      - Do I have to reconfigure the PXE parameters in the Blasadmin utility to tell it IP address is now the Admin interface??

      - When setting up the IP address 211 bl-server Predefined options, do I need to enter the IP Address of the "Admin Interface" of the Application Servcer??

      - when runnin the commands netsh DHCP server "IP Address", do I need to enter the IP Address of the "Admin Interface"??

        • 1. PXE Provisioning - Network Interface
          Bill Robinson

          by default the appserver should listen on all ips ( you can verify this w/ a 'netstat -an | findstr "98" which should show 9840,41 and 9831 at the minimum.


          you need to change the dhcp option 211 to point to the admin interface/name


          you need to change the LOCATION value to point to the admin interface/name


          you need to change the tftp server ip in the 'configurations | provisioning configuration' tab to the admin ip.


          you need to make sure your dhcp server is handing out IPs for the admin network - it can hand out both admin and production if you need to, you can optionally bind it to just the admin network interface if you want.


          that should be it.