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      Can anyone advise on what permissions/settings should go in the Exports/Users/User.local folders on the app/file/sql/server agents. Running BL 8.0 sp6 on Windows 2003 using a SQL back end. Got it installed but getting various permission issues on certain jobs, having trouble installing the templates for BDSSA.


      Not had any BL training, so installing and administrating everything from the BL PDF's. Is anyone running the same set up, that has everything working.



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          Bill Robinson

          if you want to make things really open to make sure things get installed you should do:

          * rw,user=<Administrator|root>

          in exports

          and nothing in users.local and users.


          at some point you will lock that down


          on your targets put

          <appserver(s) ip> ro

          in exports

          BLAdmins:* rw,map=<Administrator|root>

          in users.local

          users will get entries when you run an acl push job.


          on the file server only you should have:

          <appserver(s) ip> rw,user=Administrator

          and nothing in users or users.local and exclude this server from acl pushes.


          you should look at taking some training, we have web-based training and instructor led training that can talk about bigger picture concepts to help understand this stuff.

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            Thanks for that. I would love some training, but at the minute the company is not willing to pay for it.