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    Survey email - some confusion

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      Hi Folks,


      I have checked few survey email related discussion in community, but none of the post is identical to my problem, hence I thought to create new discussion.


      Situation : We have enabled survey for incident management, and users are getting survey email when incident is set to RESOLVED status. User with read license also can fill the survey, as we have kept username and password in survey link itself.


      Problem : Users are not getting survey email for incidents. Only thing that hitting my head is, when I create an incident for the same user, it generate survey and sent to user. Is this a known bug for survey ?


      Need your assitance/advice on how to troubleshoot this issue.


      - Krunal -

        • 1. Survey email - some confusion

          Forgot to mention versions,


          AR Server - 7.1

          Database - MS SQL 2005

          OS - Windows 2003

          ITSM - 7.0.3

          • 2. Survey email - some confusion

            As we haven't got any response for this discussion, we are thinking to develop customized workflow to push data manually to SRM:Survey form when incident is moved to resolved status and send notification for survey with filter.


            For this, we need to disable OOB survey functionality.


            Suggestions are always accepted.

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              Vidhya Amirthalingam



              You mean same user is getting survey for some incidents and no survey for few incidents?

              If this is the case, just check your request rules and check for the last survey date.



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                Carl Wilson


                the Survey is generated from the Service Request Module, either the OOB Requester Console or SRM where installed (replacing the OOB Requester Console).

                Therefore if users are not receiving a Survey, it may be assumed that there is no associated Service Request generated for the Incident to trigger the Survey (Corresponding Service Request generation is controlled in the Incident Rules form - Create Request setting).

                You can either enable the setting to generate a Service Request for all Incidents created or you will have to build some custom workflow to trigger the Survey for your conditions. The preferred method business wise would be to enable the request generation for Incidents if you are using Self Service based modules - that way users can obtain the information on their request without having to contact the Service Desk directly.

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                  Thanks Carl and Vidhya for responding to this discussion.


                  Carl - I have created incident rule for creating service request on incident submit. I think that should work.


                  We are also filling contact tab in incident form, I am not sure, whether this will affect survey to get generated?


                  - Krunal

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                    I can also see entry for -Global- in incident rule ... but that is offline.

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                      Last survey days is set to zero (0).

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                        Vidhya Amirthalingam



                        Do the users get the survey when they raise a Service Request (which indeed create a incident)?

                        Is your problem occuring only when the incidents are created directly? If yes, check/create the Incident rule for your tenant, and as Carl mentioned select the "Create Request On Submit" option. So whenever the incident is created, corresponding service request would be created in Service Request form, and the status would be updated when the incident status changes. So the Survey would work without any issues.


                        If you have already enabled "Create Request on submit" option, then check the SRM:Requests form for any event errors for that particular request for which the survey is not sent.


                        Hope this help you.



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                          Thanks for your response.


                          Problem is with incident.


                          I have checked the incident rules, "Create request on submit" is set to yes for tenant.


                          There are 3 filters which are used create a service request from incident.


                          • 1st fileter will search remedy id from person id (PPL000000xxxxxx), set the field z1d char022.


                          • 2nd filter will check whehter valid remedy id is there or not, if remedy id does not exist (z1d char022 = $NULL$), it will popup a message and change the execution order. So that filter 3 will get skip.


                          • 3rd filter will push incident relevant data to SRM:RequestInterface_Create, if request create flag - YES.


                          I have search few request, found that survey is not gerenated for request, which doesnt have entry in request interface form.


                          I have manually check person id in CTM:People form, confirm that user exist in people form. But still request is not generated.

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                            Carl Wilson


                            I suggest you take a look at the SRM Admin Guide and ensure all the criteria are met regarding setup and configuration.

                            There is more than one thing to check, e.g.:


                            1. Incident Rules for Service Request generation.

                            2. Survey Configuration Rules e.g. No of Days to send.

                            3. SRD Configuration (i.e. Surveys can be enable on a per SRD basis).


                            It is also not recommended to send a survey for every request generated.  Best practise is to obtain feedback for continual service improvement, not load the users down with having to respond to a survey for every request.

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                              Hi Carl,


                              Thanks for the response.


                              Our customer want survey to be generated for each incident. I can understand, that it is not usefull but still they want it this way.


                              Recently we are using CONTACT tab in incident managmenet to fill user information along with customer tab. I doubt that, is this disturbing survey generation?


                              I also want to check, is there any relationshop with UNRESTRICTED ACCESS and survey generation ?


                              It was working fine before, but recently we are having this issue, one change we did is put a filter on CONTACT TAB in incident mangemetn that will just popup warning message, if contact first name and last name is blank.

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                                You are right for service request generation. I am not seeing service request for few incident, but not sure, why it is not created?


                                We have set incident rule, "create service request on submit".