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    Using Component Templates - BladeLogic

    Rob Slattery

      Can you use a Component Template to verify or to make sure software is at a specific version and if not, automatically update to the correct version?


      For example, we have four pieces of software (let's take McAfee for this example) we must install on all of our servers when deploying to the data center (physical or virtual).  I am on a server build team and McAfee is owned by our security team.  Every time the security team has an update, we must apply to all servers (about 2,150 servers).  I would like to get to a point where I ensure the latest software is on our BladeLogic server (depot and deploy jobs reflecting newer versions) and after a weekly scan, any server with an out dated version will be replaced with the latest software.


      Does this make sense or am I stretching what a component template is used for?