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    Error - value too large for column (BL Linux Patching)

    Vinnie Lima



      Ran into a peculiar error when yummifying an offline Red Hat Linux patch catalog.  It seems to point to a column in a BL Oracle schema having too small of a column.


      Anyone run into this in an BL 8.0 SP7 Patch 2 w/ Oracle 11g configuration?



      "Error while add/update patch in depot: rpm:  Deployment_Guide-zh-CN-5.2-11.noarch.rpm, an error occurred while attempting to access the database:  Message: ORA-12899: value too large for column "BLADELOGIC"."PROPERTY_SET_CLASS"."DESCRIPTION" (actual: 360, maximum: 255)


      I ended up having to remove all RPM metadata for Deployment_Guide package to get over this issue.  I suppose the root cause is that the schema loads needs updated?


      I'll open a case with support but curious if anyone else ran into this, and have you found a way to fix this in the short term (e.g. schema change).