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    Anonymous Devices



      I'm wondering why automatically added provisioning devices have the following roles:


      ROLE_CREATED: Anonymous

      ROLE_MODIFIED: Anonymous

      USER_CREATED: Anonymous

      USER_MODIFIED: Anonymous


      Does anyone know where this comes from? I'd have expected that the roles are BLAdmins...


      Thanks in advance.

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          Bill Robinson

          I believe that’s because the devices were auto-registered registered them.

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            But I think that’s not the standard behaviour. I have another PXE server, where the automatically devices are added with the BLAdmins role.


            This anonymous role is leading into the problem that I can’t select this device while creating a provisioning job. How is the device been added to the BladeLogic Core Database? I guess it’s a NSH command which is being executed by some user...? Is it possible that there is something wrong with the ACLs on the Application Server / PXE Server?




            I just saw that the PM_STATE isn't set. It looks like that is the cause why it isn't selectable in the provision job wizard?



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              Bill Robinson

              I found a couple notes on this:


              Authorization access for device auto-discovered will be anonymous because during pxe auto-discovery we do not know which user is going to access the device. For adding device manually device will get authorization of user who created it could also get authorization of RBAC user who created it. For BLCLI it does not get everyone authorization but it gets authorization of user by whose role the blcli command was fired it is as designed.

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                Okay, I think the anonymous permission is actually not the problem. I looked at the standard smart group "Imported" and recognized that the filter is looking for the correct PM_STATE. Unfortunately this property isn't set when it's being auto discovered. Do you have any idea why this property is left empty? I mean the PXE server is recognizing the server and it's also starting the gentoo operating system.


                To start the network provisioning we're actually using gPXE to get the server network bootable. Could that cause the PM_STATE being empty?

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                  Nevermind. There was something wrong with my gentoo boot image and the dhcp server. The post steps for setting PM_STATE and receiving bios information were not executed.


                  Thanks, Bill!