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    PXE Provisioning considerations + Firewall


      I'm setting up Provisioning for a customer that wants to be able to provision a bare-metal server. The bare-metal server will be on one VLAN 'A' while the BBSA application server + PXE + DHCP and the BladeLogic DB are all on the another VLAN 'B'. There is a firewall between the VLANs 'A and 'B'.


      Firstly: Is this doable ??

      Second: How would the DHCP request get to the PXE server on the other VLAN (behind a firewall). I understand that port 9831 will need to be opened up. Would I need to use an IP helper or some other mechanism ?


      BTW, this solution is all Windows. I'm using BL 8.0 SP7 with PXE 8.0 SP6


      Thanks in advance !