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    DeployJob.ModifyProperties is not allowing to Modify Properties?

      I have a "Deployers" Role in Bladelogic (8.0 SP5)  which has DeployJob.ModifyProperties, .ModifySchedule, .ModifyTargets ACLs (among other minimum ACLs necessary to deploy jobs all part of ACL policy, but I've tried manuall ACLs as well) - They can modify Schedule and Targets without any issues but when it comes to changing local properties defined for the blpackage (String, Editable, Required) in DeployJob they are all greyed out.  This role also has BLPackage.ModifyProperties right to the blpackage used by the job and results in Depot are the same - this role cannot edit local properties for the blpackage in Depot either.


      So my questions is - am I misunderstanding .ModifyProperties ACL for BLpackage and DeployJob purpose and it is no meant to allow local properties change?


      In my tests it seems that the only way to allow this is to give the "Deployers" role  DeployJob.Modify permissions - then they can modify the properties but they can also modify the job itself which is precisely what I'm trying to avoid.