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    Online or Offline repository?

      Hey everyone.


      I have a bit of a tricky question here... I will try and explain with as much detail as possible.


      I am working with a customer that is wanting to use the patching module of BBSA. I am trying to figure out if I should use an offline or an online repository for our patches.... here is the situation:


      We have a server sitting in a DMZ that the customer wants to use as the patch repository/downloader server. This server has internet access. We have a port open so that the App server CAN communicate with the DMZ server. The App server DOES NOT have internet access.


      So the question is.... could I use an Online Repository?


      Currently we are using an OFFline repository, executing the downloader on the DMZ server and creating a catalog as offline.... giving it a local directory on the appserver for storing the patches and metadata. I believe that BBSA is moving the files from the DMZ repository server to the App server in the directory I gave it. This is a very time consuming and storage consuming method.


      Can I use an online repository if the DMZ server has internet access and is also accessible by the App server.... even though the App server does NOT have internet access?



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          Bill Robinson

          you can leave the catalogs/payloads on the helper, you don't need to move them to the appserver.


          leave them offline.  you can script a wrapper around the downloaders and run that as a job in bladelogic so that it runs from the helper/dmz box.


          if you do the online catalogs, the download request will come from the appservers.

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            The online catalog mode can only be used if the appserver has got internet access directly or via a proxy, else you need to use the offline catalog . If I understood your question correctly , here are the alternates you can use:-


            1.       Use the DMZ server as a http proxy, and configure the APPserver to use this proxy.


            2.        Use the offline catalog, but the destination repository location can be  the same as the source, which will be DMZ server. This should save you some time and storage.




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              Okay, what you guys have suggested were my thoughts exactly.


              My question is this.... we kicked off the solaris_downloader with a filter for all Solaris 10 SPARC packages. The download took around 15 hours to complete (about normal).


              I then proceeded to create the catalog in Blade and used the same source path as the desitnation path (which you both suggested) The catalog creation ran for almost 20 hours and was still running when we arrived this morning..... any idea why that would be?


              Maybe a better explanation of what BBSA is doing when I create a catalog and use the same source and destination path. Is it moving them and then moving them back?

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                Bill Robinson

                What kind of network links do you have to the outside world and to/from the dmz?