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    Inventory plugin workstation full/diff scan request

      In our BBCA Infrastructure we have plugin requesting the endpoint for partial or full scans as the workstation checksum and the checksums in the plugin cache do not match:


      [01/Feb/2011:08:15:44 +0200] "Inventory Plug-in" info mycomputer 6521 Requested full scan for this machine: Endpoint Checksum r65+nksPWUNcHoNP3Bpnyw== != Plugin Cache's Checksum 000000000000000000000000


      [01/Feb/2011:00:31:58 +0200] "Inventory Plug-in" info junospc 6537 Requested diff scan for this machine: Endpoint Checksum VUjpQo1tRFYY0U9jkyx68Q== != Plugin Cache's Checksum NzTS0LDSg1n4Ow0Oqo0uFw==


      I'm curious to know if the Inventory Plug-in would be sending this information that it needs to send a full/diff scan or whether the inventory service on the workstation would collect this information from the inventory plug-in on the transmitter on next inventory service update/scan?