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    BMC Bladelogic Server Automation querries - Event ID, Change Tracking etc

    Siddu angadi



      Can anyone please help me to get clarified for following queries?



      1. 1.       How the out of band access will be tracked through BBSA and BBDSSA? Track information such as who has done, What Changes and when?


      1. 2.       Customer has unmanaged environment, there they have just provision the server and Install the Database ( oracle) as post provisioning. Once provisioning is done, server will be moved to unmanaged environment where IP address will be changed.  My question is how to handle this? Can we change the IP address during provision and install the Database, since IPchange is not recommended after installing database?


      1. 3.       Is it possible to see Server reboot process ( Control on Rebooting such as selecting safe mode restart) in console view through BBSA?


      1. 4.       What will be event id and description for all BBSA task in event log / syslog of server ? if you have list of event ids please share with us.


      1. 5.       Has BBSA will track and report into the BBDS for any changes done through NSH?



      Products and version Details:


      BBSA     -              BMC Bladelogic Server Automation         -              Latest Version

      BMC AO -            BMC Atrium Orchetsrator                            -              Latest version

      BBDSSA -             BMC Decision Support for BBSA                -              Latest version






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