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    Patching Solaris since cutover to Oracle

      Has anyone successfully executed the solaris_downloader.bat to download patches to an offline repository since the cutover to Oracle?


      I am unsure if our cluster name is wrong (unlikely since it is copied and pasted from the Oracle support site) or if the Oracle site is not recognizing it correctly or if it is actually a problem with the solaris_downloader tool.


      Another question, how does the downloader actually reach out for the files..... does it use wget?


      We are attempting to execute the downloader while filtering the patches by Cluster Name. I believe we have the cluster name correct but it gives us the following message when we attempt to run it:


      Processing cluster filter - Recommended Patch Cluster Solaris 10 SPARC

      Downloader warning: Cluster name and cluster payload location is not found.. Skipping cluster filter from update


      Here is our config file:





















                  <cluster-name>Recommended Patch Cluster Solaris 10 SPARC</cluster-name>





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