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    import servers to server group

      Hi All,


           I want to import servers to my server group through bladelogic GUI. I followed the user guide, but it's giving me errors.


      I created one servers.csv as below







      I tried to import this CSV file through GUI and selected the language as English, UTF8 and UTF16 also. But it failed to import.


      Kindly provide me the correct way to import the servers through gui.

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          What is the format of the content within the CSV file? Also, what is the error message you received from the GUI?


          Import file CSV file format should be as folllows:




          Here, you are required to have a header line that contains “NAME” in the first column, and the property names in the subsequent columns. Starting in the 2nd row, you can have servers, with the corresponding property values. Give this a try and let us know the output.

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            Antonio Caputo

            The first line of the file must contains the word "Name".

            Try a file like this:






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