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    non-nsh job is not waiting while rebooting the solaris server

      Hi All,


           I have a non-nsh job for solaris, which contains series of commands. Now, I'm trying to execute the job.The job is executing all the commands at a single stretch instead of doing it step by step.


      My script is:


      df -h

      init 6

      metastat d10

      metadetach d10 d12

      eeprom boot-device=disk1

      init 6

      eeprom boot-device=disk0

      init 6


      init 6 is to take the reboot of the solaris server.

      So, my requirement is to execute the commands (metastat, metadetach) after server reboot (init 6). But here the all commands are executed in one stretch simultaneously while server is executing the first command (df -h) of my script.


      Kindly help me, how my job can wait until server takes reboot and continue the rest of the job execution.