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    HTML Email generated by SLM

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      I've been searching high and low to find out how to send an HTML formatted email message from a Service Target in the SLM module.  I looked at the form "SYS:Notifications" and found the record which sends the notification.  When I insert HTML code the resulting email displays the HTML code.  Does anyone have any insight into this?

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          Hi , you can achieve that by identifying the FLTR and specifying your HTML code. Or else you can try forcing the workflows to send the email messages in HTML format.

          Try using a FLTR to set (Set Fields) the Email Messages form's default text type to HTMLon Submit action. Also, specify your HTML code in the SYS:Notification Messages form.


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            Wouldnt this just be the same as generally setting up HTML templates? In other words define the "Header" and "Footer" within the Email Configuration forms - this will mean that all of your email inc SLM will be in your defined HTML format.



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              Please configure the A R System email template as shown in the below figure.


              Attach a blank HTM or MSG file, then if you want to add a HTML coding in the sys:notification form will not display the HTML code. You will get the formated HTML mail in you inbox.


              This worked for me for one of my project.






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                Thanks for all your replies. 


                Sandeep, how would I get the SYS:Notification Messages notification to use the HTM file you referenced in your graphic?

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                  Hi Matt,


                  No, using SLM with HTML email messaging is quite different.  I've successfully configured HTML messaging using a Filter and an entry in the AR System Email Templates form.  But getting SLM to use an HTML template is a bit more challenging.


                  The challenge comes from the filter that sends the SLM messages.  On my system it is: SLM:RuleActionNotifier:ExpandNamesAndNotify_ARTaskNo_WebURLYes


                  Note the following in the attached filter log file:

                  Line 20042: The SLM event scheduler triggers the escalation process.

                  Line 20420: An SLM filter triggers the actions for milestone Incident 50% Milestone

                  Line 20450: The same filter pushes the notification values, including the HTML template infok, to SLM:RuleActionNotifier

                  Line 20824: The final SLM filter executes which sends the notification.  The filter's name is SLM:RuleActionNotifier:ExpandNamesAndNotify_ARTaskNo_WebURLYes and executes on the form SLM:RuleActionNotifier. 


                  My conclusion / challenge: Since the last filter doesn't execute on the incident form, I can't include the fields in it to pass to the HTML template.  According to the email engine docs, you must include the fields which will be substituted at run time in HTML email message.


                  So how do I send an HTML email message using SLM and ITSM out-of-the-box without modifying filters?



                  Filter log file can be found here: http://communities.bmc.com/communities/docs/DOC-12837

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                    You can use the file by configuring outgoing mailbox configuration.


                    Go to the advanced configuration and mention the file name in the default template.


                    Every outgoing message will pick the same template and mails will be sent in HTML format.