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    How can I create Service Level Management on ITSM Task?

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      I need to manage SLM on TMS:Task. Is there a fast guide to implement this BMC important


        • 1. How can I create Service Level Management on ITSM Task?
          Carl Wilson


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          Is there a way to incorporate SLM with Task Management?




          Yes, this is possible. Perform the following steps:


          1. Go to the Application Administator Console//Custom Configuration Tab, and click on Service Level Management//Configure Application Settings//Data Sources.
          2. Select the form Task Management. Be sure to specify the field that holds the unique identifier (Instance Id or Request Id)
          3. Customers may want to add the SLM tables to a tab. You can bring it in from HelpDesk or our sample form SLM:ServiceRequest.
          4. Configure a Goal Type from the Administator Console at SLM//Configure Application Settings//Goal Types
          5. The HelpDesk integration has its own qualbuilder but for the Task, the SLM qualbuilder will suffice.

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            These steps described are fine for creating the filters that are responsible for Task SLM processing and configuring the TMS:Task for SLM.


            If you want any workflow after you have copied the fields (tables, chars etc.) from the templates mentioned you need to implement this workflow because it isn't created with step 3.


            One possible way is to copy all filters and ALs with names starting with INT:HPDSLM... and make them operable for INT:TMSSLM... because this is the "integration" that normally is installed by the SLM installer (this is for SLM 7.5p1).