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    7.6 RSCD Agent on Solaris Zones

      It looks like per the community that the way to install the RSCD agent on a Zone is by using the local install.  We have been doing this for a while but only on a few zones.  Recenly, we have started building a lot more zones and have seen some issues we have some questions.


      1.  It appears that a local install does not put startup scripts (or rather a link to the startup script) into /etc/rc2.d).  Is that accurate, how have others dealt with the fact that the agent doesn't start on reboot?  Manually start it?  Add your own S90rscd to /etc/rc2.d? Something else?


      2.  Occasionally, our zones stop using the configuration files in conf and start using the ones in /usr/lib/rsc which reside on the global zone.  The only way we have found to resolve this is to reinstall the agent.  Has anyone else seen this?  Does anyone know if there is a way to configure where the agent looks for its configuration files?


      3.  To make everything consistent, we have looked at using a loopback to make /usr/nsh and /usr/lib/rsc exclusive to the zone.  So far our tests have shown this makes it work like a non-local install.  Has anyone else tried this or can anyone think of any potential issues with doing it this way? 


      4.  We are looking at going to 8.1 sometime this year.  Does anyone with the inside scoop know if this drastically changes in 8.1 agents on zones?


      Thanks ahead of time for any helpful comments/answers.


      Craig Ludlow

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          Bill Robinson

          1 - yes, because /etc/ is inherited from the global.  the local install init script is in <install dir>/conf/rscd.


          2 - not sure how that is happening - maybe the NSHDIR variable is not being set properly. 


          3 - that can work.  there are some links in /lib as well to handle i think.


          4 - not that i've heard.