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    F5 question on configuration for monitoring keep alive settings




      I have 11 Mirrors behind 2 F5's and our monitor settingslbsettings.jpg

      produce the below error in the admin logs on the TX was wondering if anyone has the same issues or knows if we configuration issue on the LB side ?


      [25/Jan/2011:09:28:14 -0500] "HTTP Engine" warning jcragle 2311 Unexpected exception occurred\

      com.marimba.tools.csf.intf.CSFIOException: Invalid HTTP header\

          at com.marimba.tools.csf.server.HTTPConnection.readHeader(Unknown Source)\

          at com.marimba.tools.csf.server.HTTPConnection.run(Unknown Source)\

          at com.marimba.tools.csf.server.CSFPort$Listener.run(Unknown Source)\

          at com.marimba.tools.util.ThreadPool.runClient(ThreadPool.java:463)\

          at com.marimba.tools.util.ThreadPool.run(ThreadPool.java:447)\

          at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)