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    Issues with RCP on Solaris 10

      Hi everyone.


      We are having some trouble with the RCP client on Solaris 10. It would appear from the logs that there are some permissions issues but I am unsure why because all of the permissions appear to be set correctly.


      Issue 1: We cannot launch the Console as a standard user. We are able to launch it as root and it work fine but as soon as we try and launch it as a different user it will not launch. After looking in the logs it complains about not having permissions on some of the eclipse utilities, it also mentions extracting some things and not being able to do it because it lacks permissions.


      I will try and extract some info from the log in a bit.


      Issue 2: When we try and apply the latest hotfix (7.4) we get many errors in the installation log that look just like this:


      Processing file ./CM/rcp/plugins/com.bladelogic.client.jars_1.0.0/lib/bladelogic/bladelogic.jar

      Permisisons are different, updating

      Warning: Couldn't update permissions on /opt/BladeLogic/8.0/NSH/.././CM/rcp/plugins/com.bladelogic.client.jars_1.0.0/lib/bladelogic/bladelogic.jar please make sure they are set to -rwxrwxr-x

      Running chown root:root ./CM/rcp/plugins/com.bladelogic.client.jars_1.0.0/lib/bladelogic/bladelogic.jar

      Processing file ./CM/rcp/plugins/com.bladelogic.client.core_1.0.0.jar

      Permisisons are different, updating

      Warning: Couldn't update permissions on /opt/BladeLogic/8.0/NSH/.././CM/rcp/plugins/com.bladelogic.client


      These same messages continue on throughout the bottom portion of the log.


      Again, it looks like a permissions problem but we are launching the hotfix script as root. Also, all of the files that it says the permissions should look like "-rwxrwxr-x" They are exactly as it asks.


      We followed the documentation to the letter for the installation and hotfix process.


      Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?



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          Just an update here.


          We wiped everything and reinstalled to 8.0.6 level.


          At first we could still not launch as the standard user. We deleted.eclipse in the home directory and workspace folder that gets created when you launch the console and that allowed us to launch 8.0.6 Console as a standard user. At this point everything was working as we expected.


          Next we applied the hotfix, it acted the same as before (shown in the log portion above) with all of the cannot change permissions messages.


          After the hotfix application we cannot launch the console as a standard user anymore. It still works fine as root, but not as the standard user.



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            Updated Again.


            We determined the issue is with the Hotfix files from the BMC EPD for Solaris RCP. 7.0 and 7.4.


            7.0 does not even run because there is an error in the execution script. We were able to bypass the problem by extracting the contents of the file and seperating it from the script..... correcting the mistakes in the script and recompiling it.


            The real problem is that the permissions get changed during the patching process and do not get changed back afterwards. We noticed some missing execute permissions by capturing the permissions from the base 8.0.6 RCP install and then capturing them after the Hotfix application and comparing the two.


            After we fixed the permissions everything works fine and as it should.


            I am opening a ticket with BMC to fix the 7.0 script and correct the permissions problems in the 7.0 and 7.4


            And.... in case anyone is interested.... the 7.4 patch includes everything from the 7.0 so you should have no problems applying 7.4 directly to a 8.0.6 RCP client installation.


            Thanks everyone.