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    Database Cleanup Question

    Alan Weston

      How long does it normally take for blcli Delete cleanupDatabase to run?


      I ran Delete execute RetentionPolicy and it completed in just a few minutes.

      But Delete cleanupDatabase ran for over 12 hours and never seemed to do anything. It's on the Compliance Result cleanup stored procedure and doesn't look like it ever finishes.


      I can see that I have over 900000 compliance job results marked for deletion but the cleanup doesn't seem to be working.


      We're on sql server with a bladelogic database that is approximately 78GB. How long should it take for the cleanup to complete? Does it really need more than 12 hours?

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          Paul Seager-Smith

          Which version of Bladelogic is this and are you running the DB Cleanup from NSH directly or from a Bladelogic script?


          On 8.0 we had a problem that running the Cleanup from a BL job caused it to hang. The workaround was to redirect the output from the blcli call to a file or /dev/null.


          As to how long it normally takes, that does depend on the amount of data to delete and how long ago the last cleanup was run. 12 hours sounds too long, esp. if you have run cleanup within the not too distant past.





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            Alan Weston

            We're running Version 8.0 SP 6. I'm trying to run the cleanup from nsh.


            I think I made some progress by just waiting. It took over 12 hours for the job to finish but we finally got there. Future cleanups should be much faster. (It had been a while since our last cleanup)