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    RCP TLS connection error after SP6 upgrade

      I just upgraded my lab environment from to on my way to SP7patch 3. I'm trying to login and check things out, having been burned in the past by running multiple upgrades in sequence without doing so.


      Ran the SQL upgrade script, ran the OM upgrade on my RHEL5x64 app server, upgraded the existing RCP client on my workstation.  No errors seen.  When I try to login to RCP, I get the following error:


      Your session credential does not contain a usable Application Server URL.  Errors were: Failure establishing TLS connection with Application Server: Connection timed out: connect


      Appserver.log just shows successful authentication and authentication connection closed.  I deleted cached credentials and app server certificate.  Haven't changed anything else.  Any suggestions?


      I can get credentials with NSH and when I run agentinfo against the appserver I'm not getting mapped to root as I expect to do.



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          Bill Robinson

          can you paste a 'blcred cred -list' after you get creds w/ blcred?  or what's in the credential list of the rcp gui after you authenticate?

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            MKREGER-2% blcred cred -acquire -profile defaultProfile

            username: adminmkreger


            Authentication succeeded: acquired session credential

            MKREGER-2% blcred cred -list

            Username:    adminmkreger@ CORP.CSA.IC.GOV

            Authentication:   Domain Authentication

            Issuing Service:  service:authsvc.bladelogic:blauth://emda-nbp-uea31:9840

            Expiration Time:  Wed Jan 19 16:24:04 EST 2011

            Maximum Lifetime: Wed Jan 19 16:24:04 EST 2011

            Client address:

            Authorized Roles:





            Destination URLs:





            MKREGER-2% agentinfo emda-nbp-uea31


              Agent Release   :

              Hostname        : emda-nbp-uea31.corp.csa.ic.gov

              Operating System: Linux 2.6.18-194.el5

              User Permissions: 99/99 (nobody/nobody)

              Security        : Protocol=5, Encryption=TLS1

              Host ID         : 51409CC

              # of Processors : 2

              License Status  : Licensed for NSH/CM

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              Just logged in successfully with an client on a different network segment.  So it looks like maybe there is some different set of ports being used that are being blocked by my lab firewall?

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                Turns out we ran into a bug in SP6 installer where it changed all the ports the app server listens on - the new ports were bloked by our firewall.