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    NSH from windows host



      I almost hate to start a topic on this as I think it's been covered before, but I cannot find the answer, or at least one that works for me.


      We are running BladeLogic 8.0 SP5 from windows application servers (two of them).


      We have an RDP server that we are using as our jump poing for all of our bladelogic administration and user traffic.  This server has the BladeLogic Server Automation Console on it as well as the NSH software that comes with it.


      When launching an NSH session from the Server Automation Console the nsh window comes up and everything works just fine.




      If we launch nsh from a command prompt or from the NSH launcher in Start -> All Program -> BMC Software -> BladeLogic Server Automation Suite -> Network Shell


      The shell comes up, but we cannot do anything at all.  The shell only tells us "no authorization to access host: //hostname".  What can we do to resolve this?  I've tried some things like:


      blcred cred -acquire and put in my profile etc, but regardless it always says the same thing.


      On the target server in the rscd log it shows says "Failed to map user to local user".  Which is correct, because the user that it lists has no Role assosciated with it. 


      Any ideas?