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    Group.addPermission gives error: ...more than one overloaded methods...

    R V

      Hi all,


      I try to set authorizations on different types of BL-groups: DepotGroups, JobGroups, ServerGroups (and maybe more in the future). So I decided to use model-type-ids and the Group.addPermission-method. But executing the script leads to the following message:


      Command execution failed. com.bladelogic.cli.factory.CommandNotFoundException: Command : (Group,addPermission) has more than one overloaded methods that match given arguments

      Arg [0] : 5001

      Arg [1] : /MainGroup

      Arg [2] : MyAdminRole

      Arg [3] : DepotFolder.Read


      Does someone know how I can get rid of this error or why it happens at all?