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    Move the BL Database from a server to another one

    Antonio Caputo



      I am going to install a BL 8.0 SP7 Application Server on a Win2k8 server that will point to a temporary SQL Server 2k8 R2 Enterprise.


      Consider that after the installation no activities will be performed (no servers will be added, no compliance rules will be loaded, no pakages and jobs will be done, etc ...)


      This is because at the moment the customer doesn't have a definitive SQL Server available for the prod env (it will be available in a few weeks). When the definitive SQL Server will be ready the BL database must be moved on it.


      The new database server will have different server name and IP address from the previous one.


      To perform the DB migration is it just enough to change the database params from the blasadmin? Is there any we should take in charge?

      Any best practice or suggestion is welcome.