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    Solaris File System Backup and Restore

      Hi All,


             In general if we want to take any File System backup &restore in solaris, we use ufsdump and ufsrestore commands.


      The same way I want to take a File System Backup and Restore through Bladelogic console or blcli. Our requirement is like take a fiile system backup of target server, store it in bladelogic file server and restore on to the target server whenever server crashed or whenever we need to restore the file server to previous state through bladelogic. So far, I tried Adding file system to Depot as blpackage and trying to store in my file server, here i'm facing some problems like:


          1. The blpackage job taking too many hours

          2. While executing blpackage job, generally we will get one popup menu "Creating BlPackage" and it's staying on my console till my job ends. Can't I  send my job in background and continue with other job, as i'm not able to work because of this popup menu is not allowing to do any other job.


      I know that i'm not doing the right way to take File system back up. Kindly suggest me the right way to do it. This critical requirement for us.



      Raghava Sanam.

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          Bill Robinson

          This is really not the design of Bladelogic.  To perform a server backup and restore you would do something like this:


          1 – create a system package to define the OS build

          2 – create packages to deploy customized configurations to the server(s)

          3 – backup any ‘data’ using a backup tool (netbackup, etc) – though ideally your data lives on a nfs share or san.


          Then if a server fails, you rebuild using bladelogic’s bare-metal provisioning, deploy the configs and restore any data from backups.