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    svn export from url

    Naveen Anne

      I am trying to run the following command in the network shell window:

      svn export --username naveen_anne --password [MyPassWord] https://www.myurl.com/svn/repos/myapp/release/c


      This exact url works through my internet browser and prompts me for my username and password. After authenticating, it directs me to the appropriate directory as specified in the url. But the above command throws the following error message in the nsh window:


      svn: OPTIONS of 'https://www.myurl.com/svn/repos/myapp/release/c' : could not connect to server (https://www.myurl.com)


      My final goal is to run this command from inside a blpackage as an external command on the target machine.

      The sysadmin is able to run the same command from the target machine using a regular unix shell window.


      Any ideas what's causing this issue? Is this something to do with nsh and not shell?

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          Naveen Anne

          I had to configure the svn client on the target machine to access internet via a http proxy. I had to define values for the following properties in 'servers' file under '/root/.subversion' directory :

          http-proxy-exceptions = [exceptions to proxy host here]

          http-proxy-host = [value of proxy host]

          http-proxy-port = 8080

          http-compression = yes


          After defining the above values, svn export command worked and I was able to export it using the external command inside a blpackage.