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    Incorrect SLM status

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      For a given SLM,

      SLA1 was assigned on date let's say 11/22,2010 and later

      SLA2 was assigned on date let's say 11/24,2010.



      for SLA1 the status is "Detached" after assigning it to SLA2, and

      for SLA2 the SLM was resolved but still the status for SLA2 is shown as "InProgress" instead of "Met".


      The rules define for SLA1 are 8 am - 4 pm Sunday-Thurday

      The rules define for SLA2 are 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Sunday - Thurday


      As per the SLM the resolution should have been resolved is 4 days. As per the resolution, the "Due Date" was calculated correctly. However, the status is incorrect.


      In some case, I have also noticed that the "Due Date" is not getting computed correctly. For given SLAs in SLM.


      Has anyone come across such an issue? Look forward to your inputs regarding this problem.


      Thank you.




        • 1. Incorrect SLM status
          Danny Kellett



          In the service target definition, what qualification do you have for "Stop When" on SLM2?


          Kind regards


          Single Sign On (SSO) for BMC Remedy AR System and ITSM


          • 2. Incorrect SLM status

            Hello Monisha,


            We haven't run across any such problem however this may be a bit difficult to diagnose without some additional information, one of which Danny suggested. Key pieces of information would include SLM version, patches applied, the Stop When qualification of SLA2, supporting logs and possibly more. To expedite a resolution, I would suggest logging a Support call with BMC.




            • 3. Incorrect SLM status

              I think the problem is not relating to SLA2's "Stop When" condition. After getting into the details of the problem I realized that the SLA1 & SL2 are no long existing in the systems i.e. they have been deleted. However, for the given SLM they are still showing as related when they don't exists (the SLAs where deleted after the SLM was closed). So I guess, I need to associate the newly created SLAs and that should solve the problem. There is still one caveat, the SLM's status is marked as close. So under such a situation what should one do as it is reflecting wrong status for the reports.


              Any help will be highly appreciated.