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    deploy job fails as not authorized but permissions all appear correct

      Hi all,


      Just got back from holiday and suddenly all my deploy jobs to target servers are failing during the Dry Run with "APPLY failed for server tst.intdev. Exit code = 200".

      The only other information in the rscd.log is:

      62f0c6b392c05e350cc1 0000000565 01/05/11 11:33:34.305 WARN     rscd - 512 0/0 (BLAdmins:bmcquil@TELSTRACLEAR.TCLAD): CM: command: "bltargetjobmanager -start -cmd "bldeploy error-output-test-2002361.1-2003416.1 -N="/var/tmp/stage_ejin/error-output-test-2002361.1-2003416.1" -P=tst.intdev -Q=params.txt -DryRun -Xr -V2 -js0 -jr0 -jc0 " -me "error-output-test-2002361.1-2003416.1" -mp -sp  -ps  -h60" not authorized


      I'm running the job as BLAdmins role and I've checked the permissions on:

      BLPackage: BLAdmins has BLPackage.*

      Job: BLAdmins has DeployJob.*

      Server: BLAdmins has server.*


      I can' t find any permissions that are incorrect.

      Is there something I'm missing?