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    AIX Patch Problem -  howto

    Koray Kusat

      Hello all,


      i'm very new to BL and trying an AIX Patching. BL version is 8.0 SP6 on Linux.My target server is AIX 6100-02 SP6

      I installed VPC for AIX and created an AIX Patch Analysis job. I edited the job and choosed Class://SystemObject/AIX_Patching/6.1/Levels/6100-02. The analysis job ran fine, downloaded the BFF's to my bff root and created Analysis Result in Target Server's extended objects.

      Now, i want to install a new version BFF with it's dependencies. How can i do that?  Because i dont want to upgrade whole system, just want to update some invidual packages. I can do that by using Smart Catalogs in Redhat patching. But there is no such option here. I need your guidance.



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          Bill Robinson

          You can specify an exclude list during analysis, I’m not sure if that will help.  The redhat style patching is coming in 8.1

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            Soundappan Shanmugam

            In the case of analysis you might have put an entry of a

            for creating package enter p along with a




            once it is done run the job again it'l create a deploy job and packages also will be created and then you run the deploy job

            Now the first question is answered..


            Coming to the second one new version of BFF's enter




            This will download the latest BFF files

            Second one is also answered


            for the third one Bill's answer is right .. because in BL8.1 we get the white list methodology like windows,solaris,Linux

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              Koray Kusat

              Thanks guys for the answers. It seems i need to upgrade the whole system with the patch analysis, because i searched for an exclusion setting like in redhat, but couldn't find. I have to apply all the new patches and so it means a whole system update.


              I have another question, is it possible to rollback an update? I suppose not, but i wanted to ask. I'll be glad if you tell me how if it's possible.



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                Soundappan Shanmugam

                There is no roll back yet provided by BMC and it is not recommended aswell by the vendor(OS)