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    Mac address does not get registered in provisioning manager



      I am trying to provision a linux guest from BL.8.0, everything goes fine and i am able to configure the bare metal server.

      but my issue is i have to add the MAC address manually in the device section. i have read that bladelogic automatically puts a unregistered mac address in the pre-discovered state in the device section. In my case this is not happening, my pxe server throws a error saying "Mac is not regstered with the provisioning manager or multiple entries exist" . i have enabled auto discovery in pxe.conf file and also the gentoo kernel is the default in provisiong configuration and the gentoo kernel file is placed properly in the tftp directory. i am presumming that the pxe server check if the mac address exists in database, if it doen't i simply ignores the boot request. is there a way to make pxe server give the gentoo file as boot files to the booting clients.


      any help woudl be really appreciated.