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    List of "z1D Action" in Remedy

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      Hello All ,


      I have came across many a times with the field "z1D Action". As per the naming convention i came to know that it is a display only and do not store the values in Database . There are some actions which gets populated in this field and then ARS works as per the entry in this field like if i want to create a new request it will populate the field with "create", for notifications "START NOTIFICATIONS" etc.with the help of workflows.But How AR System proceeds with this actions ?

      I want to know if there is a list of all the actions like modify,create,start notification etc.Also would like to know the entire process flow of this actions .



      Merry Christmas to all !!!!






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          anyone on this ??????????

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            Jeff DesRoches

            Hello Shantanu,


            The z1D_Action field is used to make sure specific workflow fires other workflow does not fire.


            For example, when you save a record on a form, you may want to have different workflow that fires depending on the state of the record. 


            There are no lists of the actions as they are just keywords that are set using workflow.

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              Hi jdr120 ,


              Thanks for your reply. As you are saying that these are keywords then there must be a set of keywords defined somewhere ,and if i want to use any of these keywords in my own workflow then where can i get the information about all these keywords. Also want to know how the AR System internally works on this ? Is there any documentation on this?







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                Hi Shantanu,


                The list of acceptable values in the field is determined by the developer of the workflow that fires from setting the field. 


                For example, I may write a filter with a qualification of 'z1D Action' = "Shazam".  Then, whenever I set the z1D Action field to "Shazam", my filter will fire. 


                Each application will have its own set of expected terms in the z1D Action field, often varying from form to form.  I often write workflow that simply accepts the word "go" in that field.


                I hope this helps, even if it is nine months too late.

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                  Ricky R

                  Hi Shantanu,


                  I have same question with you, can we have the list of existing z1d Action function in each form? is there any documentation about it?



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                    Terje Moglestue

                    The z1d_Action fields or commands is a great mystery, they are for most of us undocumented. The use of command to execute workflow or chains of workflow is an excellent way of coding. Sadly every developer and developer team have used and documented this differently. Any official or unofficial documentation would be more than welcome by many.

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                      Ivo Atanasov

                      The z1d_Action is used to set a parameter to be used after push action. If you wish a specific behavior to be implemented on the form after push use z1d_Action or other hidden field. The value of  the hidden field can be use in filter qualification.

                      For example you want some filter to be bypassed and other to be executed  when an entity is created after push action. On the target form add hidden field z1d_Action. On push action set z1d_Action = 'Create' (You may use other word here. There is no obligation on the value of z1d_Action ).
                      If you wish to bypass filter, set qualification z1d_Action <> 'Create' , and z1d_Action = 'Create' to explicitly execute filter on push action.



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                        Crystal Crenshaw

                        What I do is in Developer Studio, go to that field and show relationships.  Then I can see what workflow fires and sort based on that field being in the qualification.  Each form is different as mentioned above, but if you are trying to work on one specific form, this may help.

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                          rodrigo barcat

                          Hi guys,


                          This post is 9 years old, and I think Shantanu is no longer part of the community, at least I didn't find his profile.


                          However, I find the explanation of the z1d_Action field cool, because it is unknown to many of us.

                          I use the documentation generated in ARInside to "discover" every filter that runs on the z1dAction field.



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