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    the differences between repeater staging directories

      Hi all,


      This may seem obvious but could someone clarify the following for me please.


      I have a repeater servers that has the following parameters:

      Server Properties

      REPEATER_STAGING_DIR  /tmp/stage

      STAGING_DIR /var/tmp/stage


      Infrastructure Management - Repeater Server Details

      Staging directory /bladelogic/filestore


      I'm trying to understand how they all interact.


      I assume that 'Staging directory' is where all the cached packages/scripts are stored.  Effectively a duplicate of filestore on the appserver, but only containing those packages that has actually been deployed via the repeater.


      However the other two directories are a little confusing to me. I'm thinking STAGING_DIR is where the agent puts anything deployed against the repeater itself.

      But the REPEATER_STAGING_DIR has me baffled, is a temp space that it stores part packages/scripts until the copy from appserver to repeater has completed and then it moves it to the repeaters filestore?