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    Howto run an external command (BlPackage) as the impersonated user

    Steven Wyns



      I've built a BlPackage, but one of the commands needs to be ran as the user that is configured in the user map for the user that is executing the job. We've configured the user map so that every user gets mapped to a local administrator account.


      So far this has worked fine, but now we're trying to package a software in which a few commands have to be ran as this local admin account. From the rscd.log I can see impersonation works, but scripts are always ran as BladelogicRscd. BladeLogicRscd has the same permissions as the local admin account, but I would think the scripts would be ran in the same user context (the one of the local admin).


      Does anyone have an idea how the user context can be changed? I've been experimenting with Psexec and su but I haven't got it working until now. In fact, I don't know the password of the local admin account.



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