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    Grammar files for BMC Products?

    Bernd Scoor



      we have problems using the grammar file functionality in BladeLogic Server Automation.


      Right now we try to configure the ar.conf file from our AR - Server via grammar file.

      But the standard structure is a bit messy having something like:


      Default-Web-Path: http://<servername>:<port>/arsys

      Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARF.REGISTRY ARSYS.ARF.REGISTRY <servername>:<port>



      Colons as a separator between key and value and colons sometimes in the values as well, but in a webadress it should not separate the value in 2 or 3 values, while somewhere else a colon and sometimes even a space should separate the value in many values.



      The Midtier config file - config.properties - is even worse, because it does not follow the concept of

      key   value





      but creates keys with values like servername.


      AR Version 7.6.03, BL Version 8.0


      Are there any prebuild grammar files for the configuration files of BMC products?

      Are there any thoughts about how to "best practise" these BMC configuration files?


      Thanks in advance for your thoughts


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          Bill Robinson

          There should be a document on creating your own grammar file on this site, search for ‘grammar’ and look for a ‘document’ type of post.

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            Bernd Scoor



            but i know this doc already. Even had a laugh reading it, because i think it was the first documentation with examples about how not to do it...


            The point is. Shouldn't there be a grammar file for BMC products?

            Even Microsoft does not tell you:" So, you bought MS Windows and MS Office and you want to use them together? Well, here is the doku. Write the integration yourself. We never thought about using these products together." Come on, seriously?


            From your answers i asume:

            Are there any prebuild grammar files for the configuration files of BMC products?

            -- No.

            Are there any thoughts about how to "best practise" these BMC configuration files?

            -- We never thought about that.

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              Bill Robinson

              there are not specific pre-built grammar files for bmc products, however many of the bmc products use common config file formats like name=value or ini, which are included in the product.  maintaining a catalog of every possible software product customers might use is impossible and why bladelogic provides many grammars that cover a good smattering of products, and provides the ability to create your own grammar files.  I've seen products that don't even go that far. 


              if you can make a good business case for the addition of the grammar files, and what other bmc products should be covered, that can be put infront of product management to make a decision about how to move forward.


              to use your example - how integrated was Visio with the rest of the Office suite?  It took a few releases before it had the full Office look and feel. 

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                Bernd Scoor

                Of course, a grammar file for every product is something no one could achieve, at least no longer than a few moments. That's why i narrowed it down to products from the same BMC company, where all configuration files and products should be known.


                A business case, no, but how about a company that wants to Automate installation/changes/decomm via BLSA. And to show how easy it is you show them how to move a AR midtier to another server. And then you run into a config.properties like:






                And then you have to tell the customer...? That it is easier to show the move of a non-BMC product, because the config files from BMC are to specific to be automated out of the box? I hope BMC product management will see all BMC products as one product and not everyone only his own little solution.


                Visio, yep. You got me there. How many releases will BMC need...



                thanks for your time and thoughts.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  Don't get me wrong - I agree w/ you that we should have this.  But I'm relaying the same questions Product Management asks me when I ask for stuff like this. 


                  I'd see if you can talk to a Product Manager about this, best path is through your Sales rep.  If you have a prioritized list of BMC products, I'm sure that will help.