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    Extended Object to capture available space on root (/) disk

      Hi All,


           I have crated an Extended object to capture the available space on root (/) disk on solaris and used the CSV grammar file.


      After that when Im browsing the extended object its giving me the below output


      When I'm creating rule to capture the Value 4 (FREE) from the extended object it's giving me all string values. I'm not able to compare with the string values.



      Please help me to select Value 4 with Numer value comparison. like


      "Extended Object Entry:Raghava Testing//"SDPPAP01"-"\/dev\/md\/dsk\/d10"-"ufs"-25215168-13887546-11327622-45-"\/"-"."Value4 as String (All OS)" >= 1.5 GB


      but im not getting the conditin value > or >=.


      Please help me.