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    Conditional processing of workorder

      How can I check status of a previous work order in a condition inside a PDT? Basically I wanted to know if the previous workorder was completed sucessfully, cancelled or rejected. I'm using 7.6. Thanks

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          You'll need to expose the Status field so it can be selected in the AOT.


          1. Expose the Status field to the AOT (this is a one time step and then it will be available for all AOTs. Instructions included below)
          2. In the PDT
            1. If you are updating an existing PDT then you will probably have to delete the AOT (right click on the AOT shape and select Delete) and then add the AOT again.  That basically refreshes it so it pulls in the new fields
            2. Select Define Variables
              • Create a variable with the Type as Process Output
            3. Select Map Data
              • Select the Status field which was exposed from the AOT.  If it doesn't exist then you have to reassociate the AOT (see above).
              • Select the Output drop down menu and select the variable you created
              • Select Apply
            4. You can now check the status using a condition.  For our needs we always wanted the first work order to be created so the AOT is at the top.  The condition is added below the AOT.
              • Configure the condition by using Define Properties
                • Provide a meaningful name and description because it is displayed to the customer if they are reviewing the request in the Service Request Console
                • For the Condition, the internal values are used for the Status so 5 is the same as Completed.  Again, this is displayed to the customer in the Service Request Console so including the actual status name is probably helpful.  Include whatever status checks you need.  For our needs we only want to create the 2nd work order after the 1st work order is changed to Complete status.
                  • Condition:  'Status' =  "5" OR  'Status' =  "Completed"
              • Add a new AOT on the Yes side of the condition.  Using the example condition above, this will create the work order only after the first work order is changed to Completed status


          Configure the SRD as you would normally, nothing special needs to be configured.



          How to expose the Status field in the AOT

          • Open Application Administration Console
            • Custom Configuration
            • Expand Service Request Management
            • Expand Application Configuration
            • Open Define Application Target Data.  This will open the SRM:AppTargetData form which contains all of the fields you'll see exposed to AOT
              • I suggest running a search so you can see how the other fields are configured.  Select the Registered Application drop down and select Work Order Application
              • If you want, open a new window for adding the new entry for the Status field
            • Select New request and populate the form with the following values
              • Registered Application: Work Order Application
              • Field For Answer: Status
              • Prepopulate Mode: Default/User Entry
              • Leave all other fields the default value. 
            • Select Save
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            Thanks a ton, those are great step by step instructions. I was not exposing the Staus field in AOT. I have implemented your suggestions and this has been working like a champ.




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              Sowmiya Swaminathan

              I am also trying to do the same but it didnt worked for me.. In the process view the condition is blank and not working.. Can you please suggest here.. i have exposed the target data..